Video: Hand-Grabbing Walleyes Off the Dock!


You’ve heard of noodling for catfish, and we’ve brought you videos of guys who catch big bass by hand off the dock, but this is the first time we’ve seen someone with the skills to do it on walleyes.

Check this out: Booi’s Fly-in Lodge is located on Trout Lake, about 20 minutes by floatplane north of Red Lake, Ontario. The lake is accessible only by air. That’s important because as a rule, lakes and rivers with drive-to access can’t compare to those that are fly-in only.

Need proof? The angler in the Brackish Water Outdoors video below uses a fish carcass (the leftovers after cleaning walleyes for shorelunch) to lure in a 23-inch walleye that’s hanging out by a dock. And when the walleye gets within arm’s reach, the angler scoops it up. Amazing!

Can you imagine how fast you could catch walleyes from that dock with a jig? Maybe it’s time to book a trip to Booi’s Fly-in Lodge and find out for yourself!

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