If you had to guess what a horse’s favorite instrument is, what would you say?

You might say: “A horses favorite instrument? What is this some kind of bad joke?” But when you see this horse’s reaction to a Native American flute, you’ll understand.

Marty Calhoun is the one playing the flute, and he’s also the horse’s caretaker. According to Marty, this is the horse’s first time hearing the flute, and it’s pretty safe to say he loves it!

One more little factoid that Marty added in a comment on the Facebook video: This horse’s niece is the spotted horse that Leonardo Dicaprio rides in “The Revenant,” pretty cool!

Here’s a short clip from The Revenant, starring the horses niece. They sure look a lot alike!

Image is a screenshot from the Facebook video

  • Caleb Ribeiro

    What’s the rationale behind claiming that the horse likes it? Don’t anthropomorphize the horse – it’s not “rocking out”. Is this normal horse behavior? My guess is that certain tones from the flute are stimulating to the horse but I’m not sure it’s in a good or bad way, right?

    • Pee W. Herman

      My thoughts too.

    • Marty Calhoun

      If you knew horses you would see it. Ears pinned back tight against head means not good. Ears moving all around front to back and licking and chewing are happy horse indicators. Also they don’t try to reach toward what they are afraid of or irritated by, they retreat. Unless they are challenging another horse. Hope this helps.

    • Vonn

      Wow really? You can’t take something positive from this little video so you have to minimize the natural bond between music and nature? Whether he’s “rocking out” or not is irrelevant it’s the reaction that music brings to living things that’s amazing. To humans or beasts music is as universal as mathematics. I guess you’ve never experienced a pet which exhibited human type behaviors before? Obviously, it takes a special connection between a human and animal to break down known means of communication to truly see when an animal is happy. They’re very intelligent and at the very least I think it shows how well this owner has bonded with his horse. We only have a short time on earth, it’s best to make as many positive influences as we can on those our lives touch including our pets. Putting good out in the universe reaps many benefits in the long run….not negativity and pessimism.

  • jerry nordskog

    Maybe it is a native american horse.

    • Ophelia Barringer

      You are right it’s an Appaloosa.