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Updated 04/26/15 12:41am
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Thousands of gallons of oil were spilled into the Yellowstone River on Saturday after a pipeline burst.

Pipeline Leak Spills 50,000 Gallons of Gas into Yellowstone River, Cancer-causing Agent Detected

A pipeline breach has resulted in disaster for one of North America’s premier trout-fishing streams, and possibly contaminated drinking water for many nearby residents as well. According to CNN, the spill occurred early last Saturday when the pipeline burst near the Yellowstone River five miles upstream of…

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A wolf and coyote hunt in Montana is back on after a number of new sponsors decided to back the derby.

Animal Rights Groups Pressure Montana Hunting “Derby” into Keeping Location Secret

Despite threats, criticism, and pressure from animal advocacy groups, one predator hunting “derby” in Montana will still he held. Yet according to The Missoulian, the location of the hunt, and even the location of the registration site, is still being kept secret. The story began last…

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