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Updated 07/05/15 4:24pm
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Video: Fearless Californians Paddleboard Next to Great White Sharks

Two men on standup paddleboards filmed themselves purposely getting close to a pair of great white sharks in Huntington Beach, California. According the the video’s description, it was filmed last Friday and uploaded on Saturday. During the more than two-minute video, the men repeatedly submerge the…

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Without review from the nation's highest court, San Francisco's hollow point ban and lockbox requirement stands.

Supreme Court Brushes Aside NRA Appeal to San Francisco Hollow Point Ban, Lockbox Law

Against the objections of two Justices, the US Supreme Court refused on Monday to consider a NRA-backed appeal against San Francisco’s strict gun laws. After the decision, dissenting Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas raised questions on how the Supreme Court, as well as lower courts, dealt with…

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