Newswire from: December 18, 2014

OutdoorHub Daily Newswire Front Page More Sportsmen Opting for Hunting-themed "Camo Caskets" By: OutdoorHub Reporters The subject of casket design may be a morbid topic, but more and more people are looking into customizing their final arrangements---and that means choosing the right casket. From the traditional to something a little more unique, a number of companies offer custom-built caskets in a wide variety of... Read More: OH_Featured_Videos First Adult Mountain Lion Seen in Kentucky Since Civil War Shot by Wildlife Officer By: OutdoorHub Reporters Kentucky wildlife officers have confirmed the discovery of the first wild adult mountain lion in the state since before the Civil War, well over a century ago. The large cat was first spotted by a dog walker in Bourbon County on Monday afternoon. According to WKYT, officials said that the dog may have... Read More: How to Bowhunt Last Minute Bucks By: Bernie Barringer Many bowhunters consider the early season the best time to hunt deer, and with good reason. The deer at that time are undisturbed, they can be found in somewhat predictable daily movement patterns and the weather is nice for sitting in a treestand. The rut and the gun seasons open up and the normal patterns... Read More: Would You Off-road in an Army Humvee? Vehicles Finally Offered on Civilian Market By: OutdoorHub Reporters For the first time in the vehicle\'s history, the US Army will be offering camo-covered Humvees for sale to the general public. According to Army Times, the Department of Defense will selling off as many as 4,000 of the iconic vehicles at auction, rather than scrapping them as the department has done... Read More: INFOGRAPHIC: How to Grind Venison into Sausage By: The Sporting Chef Don\'t waste a thing! Here\'s how to use meat scraps to make venison into sausage... Read More: 5 Reasons Why You Need to Ride Michigan Snowmobile Trails By: Outwrite Outdoors I feel bad for folks who have never had the opportunity to throw a leg over a snowmobile and go for a ride across the frozen white stuff. Growing up in Northern Michigan, it was just what we did in the winter, along with ice fishing, sledding, and more. Snowmobiles are part of the winter landscape and... Read More: Video: Deer Bucks Antlers after Being Shot By: OutdoorHub Reporters Filmmaker and hunter Jason Sebo got a late-season surprise when, after recovering a buck shot, he found its antlers discarded on the forest floor. "[It] ran about 60-70 yards, piled up," Sebo said in this video. "Unfortunately this time of the year, their horns begin to break off the... Read More: OutdoorHub Videos Paddling North Carolina’s Nantahala Gorge Discover why the Nantahala Gorge in North Carolina\\\'s Nantahala National Forest is considered one of the premier paddling destinations in the world ----- Father & Son Go After Icy Toms Eric Myrtue takes his son, Cael, for the Iowa youth turkey season opener on a long, iced up cornfiel ----- Monster Whitetail gets dropped with Revolver Keith uses his .454 Casull revolver to take down a monster whitetail in Ohio. Please Subscribe - ht ----- ------- OutdoorHub News Hunting Fishing Shooting Other News ------- Great Outdoor Jobs Banquet Receivables National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) - Coldwater Conservation Fund Manager, Rocky Mountain Region Trout Unlimited (TU) - Virginia Global Logistics Analyst - BRG Sports - Illinois Membership Engagement Manager Trout Unlimited (TU) - ------- OutdoorHub Quick Links Outdoor News Camping & Hiking Fishing Hunting Shooting Survival Tactical Water Sports Power Sports ------- © 2014, Carbon Media Group Manage Subscription: %%HYPERLINK:manage_subscription#LPWEBFORMOPTIN#LPWEBFORMOPTIN#15444030#%%