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Bass Pro is Moving Forward with Buying Cabelas


Bass Pro is Moving Forward with Buying Cabela\'s
OutdoorHub Reporters

Last November, OutdoorHub reported on speculation that Bass Pro Shops, a privately held outdoor retailer, was interested in buying out one of its biggest competitors: Cabela\'s. It now appears that Bass Pro is moving forward in making a bid on its rival---with the help of Goldman Sachs. Reuters broke...
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CWD Testing in Arkansas Passes Acceptable Threshold


CWD Testing in Arkansas Passes "Acceptable Threshold"
OutdoorHub Reporters

Arkansas wildlife officials only recently announced the discovery of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in the state, and the first concentrated round of testing revealed that the illness was far more widespread than expected. This week the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) revealed that testing in...
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Video Fish Guzzling Beer from a Can


Video: Fish Guzzling Beer from a Can
OutdoorHub Reporters

This fish may be out of water, but it sure looks thirsty. Can fish even get drunk off beer? Either way, it\'s probably not a wise---and some would say, ethical---thing to do. A few years back there was even a short-lived fad of drinking beer from the mouths of live fish. We\'d certainly discourage these...
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Video Epic Humvee Airdrop Fail


Video: Epic Humvee Airdrop Fail
OutdoorHub Reporters

Unless the US Army meant to bombard the area with old humvees, something went seriously wrong in this airdrop. According, the US Army\'s 173 Airborne Brigade was participating in an airdrop exercise in Hohenfels, Germany this week when three humvees (otherwise known as High Mobility Multipurpose...
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Video Florida Man Catches 400-pound Fish with Wrench


Video: Florida Man Catches 400-pound Fish with Wrench
OutdoorHub Reporters

It is the catch of a lifetime, and the lure? Nothing fancier than a number 11 Stanley wrench. Ryan Hein of St. Petersburg, Florida caught this massive, 400-pound Goliath grouper last week near Tampa Bay. An impressive catch, but made with some inexpensive equipment. Hein said he turned a rarely needed...
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Is This UFO-shaped Skiff the Future of Personal Watercraft


Is This UFO-shaped Skiff the Future of Personal Watercraft?
OutdoorHub Reporters

It looks like a cross between a UFO and a radar dish, yet designer Jeff Lizzio hopes it will soon be the new face of fishing, duck hunting, and just about any form of recreation where you would need a single-person skiff. The Ultraskiff 360 is a 110-pound mass of polyethylene that offers just about all...
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