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SuperQCG Isn’t Just for Your Guns

Super Quick Clean Guns, America’s Hi Tech gun care solution isn’t just for your guns. Although SQCG is the best CLP for your firearms, it crosses over to your archery needs, and your fishing needs as well. As bow season begins to intensify , spray some SQCG on a rag and wipe down your arrow shafts. This will lubricate your shafts and leave them dry, but when you practice with your 3-D targets your arrows will come out clean without enlarging the hole. Your compound bows will be lubed and quiet when you draw. If you use a crossbow, use SQCG everywhere, it lubricates, and protects everything. If you fish, and are getting ready for the fall salmon run, then a quick spray of SQCG on your reel will insure that it continues to function even in freezing conditions (-45 below zero).

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