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TenPoint Introduces All-purpose Omni-nock


Industry leader TenPoint Crossbow Technologies recently introduced their patent pending Omni-Nock. This all-purpose nock eliminates the need to choose between moon nocks, capture nocks, or flat nocks.

The Omni-Nock features six micro-grooves that form three- string alignment channels. This design eliminates improper loading accidents that can occur with moon and capture nocks. In addition, it prevents flat- nock “shoot-over” or “shoot-under” that can happen with the acute string angles common on today’s longer power-stroke and reverse-draw models, and with narrow bow assembly designs. Even if the vane is slightly misaligned when the arrow is loaded, the Omni-Nock will self-correct the alignment as acceleration begins.

“With the addition of the Omni-Nock, we are now the one-stop source for crossbow arrows,” said TenPoint CEO Rick Bednar. “Regardless of which arrow you shoot, the Omni-Nock improves accuracy and makes moon, capture, and flat nocks obsolete.”

The nock comes standard on the company’s five-arrow Easton lineup of lightweight, standard-weight, and heavyweight crossbow arrows.

Image courtesy TenPoint Crossbows

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