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Montana 2013 Fall Turkey Surplus Permits Still Available

SX Montana FWP

Some over-the-counter surplus licenses for deer B, elk B and fall turkey permits are still available in a few areas.

Surplus licenses are those still remaining after Montana’s recent special hunting license or special permit drawing. The left-over licenses or permits are sold on a first-come first-served basis. “B” licenses are for hunting antlerless deer or elk and fall turkey permits must be used with a valid turkey license.

Surplus fall turkey permits are available in a couple areas, 375-50, valid in Gallatin County and a portion of Madison County east of the Madison River and 385-50 which is valid for Park County.

The licenses or permit may be purchased online at, then click “Buy a License“; or from any FWP license provider.

Hunters may possess a total of seven deer B licenses in any combination via drawing, over-the-counter, or surplus purchase. The list of available licenses can be viewed online at

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