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Arctic Cat Releases New Wildcat Trail and Wildcat X Limited Models

The Wildcat Trail

The Wildcat Trail

Behold the Wildcat Trail. At 50 inches across, this narrower Wildcat widens your riding horizons. Any competitors? NOPE. The RZR tries and fails – in power and in suspension travel. Plus it’s nowhere near as fun to ride.

Powered by a brand-new engine, the Arctic Cat designed inline twin pounds out 60-plus horsepower, beating the RZR’s claimed power-to-weight ratio by more than 10 percent (watch them race). What’s more, thanks to something the RZR doesn’t have – premium FOX nitrogen gas-charge shocks and sway bars front and rear – the tightest curves are straightened out with confidence.

Learn more about the Wildcat Trail.

Wildcat X Limited

Wildcat X Limited

Two new Wildcats! The Wildcat X Limited and the Wildcat 4X Limited.

Both models come standard with a race-tuned 90+ horsepower engine, Elka Stage 5 shocks and ITP Blackwater Evolution tires with aluminum beadlock wheels. Add in color-matched seats, front and rear aluminum painted bumpers, full aluminum doors, molded roof and special-edition graphics. You’ll soon realize there is nothing standard with these new Wildcats.

Learn more about the Wildcat X Limited

Image courtesy Arctic Cat

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