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Optics Market and Hunting Trends Highlighted Inside June Issue of Shooting Industry


The June issue of Shooting Industry provides dealers an inside look into the latest optics sales trends. In “Focus On Optic Sales,” Pat Covert examines the services and products needed to keep up with today’s optics opportunities and offers tips on how dealers can create year-round profits in this market segment.

“It’s important to offer a full range of optics at various price points to ensure you cover all the opportunities for an extra hit with your rifle sales,” Covert explains. “With growing Internet and local competition, customer service has never been more important. If you’re not already mounting your customers’ riflescopes, now is the time to start.”

Greg Staunton takes a detailed look at the current surge in hunting participation, revealing the reasons behind this renewed interest and profiling hunting’s fast-growing demographic.

“Hunting is drawing higher numbers of shooters to the field and enjoying greater approval from the general population than it has seen in nearly 20 years,” Staunton said. “The number of women hunters increased 25 percent between 2006 and 2011. For dealers, this translates to ensuring your advertising and promotional efforts are targeting women — it can pay dividends.”

This issue of Shooting Industry features the “Masters Salute,” which honors the sponsors and teams who are participating in the 12th Annual Shooting Industry Masters. Over 400 shooters from every segment of the industry will step up to the firing line in July at the Indian River Shooting Range in Sebastian, Fla.

The June issue also includes Carolee Anita Boyles’ feature on the demographic shift occurring in the reloading market, an examination of target shooting’s impact on the U.S. economy and Massad Ayoob’s insight on tailoring knife sales to bolster business.

The June Dealers Only Giveaway features a SAR Arms Giveaway Package. The winner will receive a package equipped with a SAR K2 in .45 ACP, an Amerihide Belt from Disse Gear and the Grizzly Target Build Your Own Range Product Package, which includes seven targets to create a do-it-yourself range. Valued at over $1,120, dealers can enter to win the giveaway at

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