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The shelf installed in my blind

With the popularity and proliferation of portable “pop-up” ground blinds in recent years it only makes sense that a variety of accessory products would soon follow. When it comes to hunting products, I’m always drawn to products that are simple and serve an unmet need. Such is the case with the Galena Ground Blind Shelf System. It is designed to work with a variety of hub-style pop-up blinds, and requires no tools to assemble and install.

Steve Knasko of Galena Outdoor Products has developed a ground blind shelf system that I’ve found to be invaluable during my blind sits over the past few months. And with spring turkey season next on the agenda, I plan to add the bow holder and video camera mount options to round out complete system.

Some key features include:

  • Works in all hub-style ground blinds
  • No tools required
  • Quick and quiet set up & removal
  • Hooks for hanging items and holes for turkey call striker storage
  • Reusable packaging for storage
  • Lightweight – only 11.9 oz

Galena Outdoor Products' Ground Blind Shelf, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


Constructed of durable ABS plastic, the execution and detail are exceptional. I leave my Primos/Double Bull Matrix 360 blind set up nearly continuously from October through December. As a consequence, it gets punished regularly by falling limbs during the fall storms that roll through. This fall was no exception; in fact, a 9” diameter willow fell across the blind crushing it to the dirt floor. Two of the fiberglass poles had snapped. After resurrecting the blind, I found the Galena Shelf folded up amongst the poles of the blind. I fished it out and inspected it for damage. Aside from missing the small hook “lip” features on the front, it was in perfect shape.

One detail I immediately noted were the large fillet radii on the tabs stays that hold the shelf bracket in place. This detail will dramatically improve strength and reduce the possibility of the tabs breaking off.


I had two items of design improvement feedback for Galena Outdoor Products. The first is to improve the mating of the bracket and tray by added a generous “lead in” for the two dovetail tracks used to assemble the two pieces. This would aid in assembly, especially under low light conditions. The other suggestion is to paint the uppermost edge of the tray’s perimeter “lip” white. This will aid seeing the tray outline in low-light conditions inside the blind. I experimented with this and found it to be a nice enhancement detail because you’re less apt to fumble around if you can see the tray while reaching toward it in low-light. Another improvement opportunity is providing a shelf liner to reduce noise when setting items on the shelf.


I used up to three shelves over a 3-month period and had no issues with the product.  It’s a simple servant that keeps calls, shotgun shells, and other small items off the ground and at the ready.


People often say you can’t manufacture products in the United States because it’s not cost effective.  I disagree, and obviously Galena Outdoor Products does too.  With a suggested retail price under $20 for the shelf and bracket, you can quickly add a whole lot of convenience to your ground blind hunting for little cash outlay.


I highly recommend this product.  The simplicity, quality, cost, and value make this a no-brainer purchase, in my opinion. As I mentioned above, I will be adding the bow holder and tripod/camera mount this spring.  Look forward to another review after my spring turkey season.

“Made in USA” means more to me today that it did in my younger days.  Today it speaks to the roots of American manufacturing know-how in the mid-west, the sweet smell of CNC coolant and mold release that fills the air in machine shops across the heartland.  It means American jobs, families, and self-reliance.  It matters, and I’m proud to support products conceived, designed, and manufactured in the USA.

For more information, please contact Galena Outdoor Products at 630-707-4470 or

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  • Steve Knasko

    Thanks Tom for the great review. Good luck with your Turkey season.

  • Great Review. How can I sell these on my websites? and Hunting Guides Home Page?? I like to post good products for my readers to use.
    Jim Dicken