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Steven Sims changed the archery industry for good in 1998 with the introduction of his small mushroom-shaped stick-on vibration dampening devices called LimbSavers. Easily attached with industrial strength double-backed tape to the inside surface of each bow limb, they launched an assault against noisy bows everywhere.

There is much more to the backstory of this product, but suffice it to say that Steven is a relentless innovator who continues to expand his company’s ever-growing product line of ‘products that work’ – a tagline you can hang your hat on.

The backbone of Sims Vibration Laboratory, located in Shelton, Washington, is a proprietary and patented rubber compound Steven developed called NAVCOM, which was scientifically formulated to cancel noise and vibration from dynamic systems, such as a bows and arrows, among a wide variety of other applications. So, in simple terms, energy that is not transferred to the arrow during a bow shot cycle (noise and vibration) is largely swallowed up by the NAVCOM material, thus reducing noise decibel levels.

Introduced in 2011, the LimbSaver Kodiak Firearm/Crossbow Sling solves two common problems with existing gun slings. First, this sling incorporates Sims’ proprietary NAVCOM vibration dampening elastomer for unsurpassed shoulder comfort. Another benefit is that NAVCOM has a high coefficient of friction and won’t easily slip and slide off your shoulder, even when shifting your weight from side to side while navigating uneven terrain. Additionally, a moveable NAVCOM hand grip provides natural hand placement and control while hiking.

I swapped out the sling on my Remington 870 with the Kodiak Sling for spring turkey season and was pleased with the performance against the company’s claims.


Made in the USA and weighing in at 8 ounces, the Kodiak Sling is well-made of high quality suede leather, heavy duty stitching, nylon webbing, and matte-finished black steel swivel hardware. There is a plastic web adjustment buckle that is typical for most gun slings. During installation, I noticed there was not the typical spring-loaded quick release design. Instead, they use a threaded solution that worked just fine. Install it and forget it. The front mount is an exclusive 3-D (3-way) load-balancing swivel design, which allows full freedom of motion while keeping the weight of your gun loaded through the sling.


I have experienced no issues thus far, and would expect this product to last a long time under normal use conditions.


I have found the retail price for LimbSaver Kodiak Sling to vary quite a bit, anywhere from around $17.00 all the way up to $45.00, depending on retail versus on-line. It is suitable for rifles, shotguns, and crossbows so shop around before you pull the trigger, so to speak.


I highly recommend the LimbSaver Kodiak Sling. It is another great product from one of the most innovative companies in the outdoor industry. For those looking for other sling options from LimbSaver, check out the Kodiak Lite Sling, which weighs 2 ounces less than the Kodiak model and is made predominantly of NAVCOM in a one-piece design.

Sims Vibration Labs has a great customer service department and unlike many companies, when you call the great staff at LimbSaver, you get a real person on the phone. In today’s busy world, it’s nice to know you will receive courteous, personal service.

For more information, visit Sims Vibration Labs’ website, or call 877-257-2761.

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