A Stainless Colt Series 70 with Magpul grips and a parkerized Auto Ordnance USGI-type 1911. Both in .45 ACP.

Is the 1911 Dead?

One of my favorite handguns to shoot for sheer enjoyment is the .45 caliber model 1911. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a big history buff, so I can appreciate the pistol’s military service record and development. But with the design now 105 years old, can it truly… More »

How To
Whether you are shooting a handgun, rifle or shotgun, there is a steel target designed for that purpose, and many can be used for all three.

Shooting with the Mann: Why Steel Targets?

Steel targets are popular because you get immediate audible and sometimes visual feedback, and there’s no stapling involved. Steel targets range in price from around $100 to more than $1,000, and they come in all shapes and sizes. But they’re not all the… More »

OHUB_LR_YHMNitro30 (1)

Lightning Look: The YHM Nitro 30 Suppressor

YHM’s NITRO provides a truly adaptable suppressor with interchangeable muzzle cap and rear cap options. The NITRO is also full-auto rated and will accommodate .300 Ultra Mag to .17 HMR. It comes with two different .30 caliber muzzle caps and two different rear caps. The Quick… More »