Quiz: Can We Guess Your Favorite Gun Brand?

Just like cars, shoes, and ice cream, just about every gun owner has a favorite brand. Usually it’s the brand they stick to the most. A quick look through most people’s gun cabinets will generally tell you what manufacturers they favor. We don’t have the… More »


Browning Introduces Full Line of Ammunition

Browning has finally decided to throw its hat back into the ammo-making business. The 137-year-old company announced recently that it will be introducing a full line of ammunition for hunting, personal defense, and target shooting. “The development of Browning Ammunition will provide millions of… More »

The Salient Arms Glock 41 equipped with a Trijicon Dual-Illumination RMR that the author used for part of his testing.

Carrying a Pistol with a Red Dot Sight

Shooters are mounting red dot sights (RDS) on their pistols with greater frequency these days. Once relegated solely to competitive events, they are moving into every discipline of pistol use. Red dot sights and weapon-mounted lights have become so widespread (particularly among military… More »