Updated 04/21/14 12:33am
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Researchers used laser sensors to measure the speed of hatchery-raised and wild trout.

Are Hatchery-raised Trout Slower Than Wild Trout?

A study by Washington State University researchers question whether hatchery-raised trout are slower than their counterparts in the wild. In a study published in the journal Aquaculture, WSU doctoral student Kristy Bellinger, professor and fish geneticist Gary Thorgaard, and associate professor Patrick Carter take a look at how hatchery-raised…

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Colorado Signs on to Rio Grande Cuthroat Trout Conservation Agreement

An updated conservation agreement and strategy plan to protect the Rio Grande cutthroat trout was recently signed by the states of Colorado and New Mexico, three Native American tribes and several federal agencies. The agencies started working on range-wide protection plans for the species in…

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Managing Water for Farmers, Industry, Communities and Fish

Trout and salmon conservation starting upstream helps keep water flowing downstream, even during times of drought State-of-the-art water management in the West can help ensure ample water supplies and quality fishing, even during prolonged times of drought across the region, according to Trout Unlimited scientists…

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