Updated 02/11/16 6:22pm
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A new amendment on the Bipartisan Sportsmen's Act would remove wolves from federal protections in four states.

Senate Committee Approves Amendment on Bill to Delist Wolves in 4 States

On Wednesday the US Senate Environment and Public Works Committee approved an amendment on the Bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2016¬†that would remove federal protections from gray wolves in Wyoming, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Minnesota. Wolves in these states were only recently returned to the Endangered Species…

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Scientists in North Carolina have figured out a way to stop coyotes and wolves from interbreeding, but the method may only work with small populations.

Scientists Successfully Prevent Coyote-wolf Hybridization in NC

The issue of coyote-wolf hybrids has been troubling biologists for years, although the subject only recently entered mainstream discussion. The growing population of hybrids, or coywolves, has garnered attention from both researchers and the wider public, and now people are starting to question what measures…

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