Why I Love Night Hog Hunting

Hog in crosshairs

Night hog hunting can be some of the most enjoyable hunting in the world. Not only is it unique, but there is endless game, the meat is great, and you get to use all sorts of great hunting gadgets and gear. If you enjoy hunting or even if you never have been, you owe it to yourself to give night hog hunting a shot. Read on to learn about this great sport and why I love it so much.

Night Hog Hunting?

At first it might seem like a strange thing to do and in case you are wondering, it is exactly what it sounds like: hunting hogs at night. Why would anyone want to do that? Well the truth is that hogs like to feed at night and it is a great time for hunters to get an edge on these wily animals by using the technological advantages available to us at night through the use of thermal vision gear. So if you are a hunter who likes gadgets, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Why Hogs?

The hogs that are hunted are known as wild or feral hogs. They are usually hybrids of true wild hogs and domestic pigs. The pigs escape and breed with the wild hogs and reproduce like crazy. Because of this, there is a big wild hog problem in the United States. These animals are considered an invasive species and they reproduce in large numbers, kill local wildlife such as birds and rodents, and eat farmer’s crops. These pigs eat so much that it is estimated that the cost of the yearly loss of crops is over $800 million. That number is so high because the estimated wild hog population in the US is over four million, with half of those residing in Texas. And not only are these animals a menace to humans and nature, they also happen to be pretty tasty as well. The meat is lean and makes great sausage.

The Gear

To hunt hogs at night, you will need a weapon, some sort of bait, and a night vision device (NVD). You can use just about anything to hunt hogs, including bows, pistols, and rifles. They have tough hides and a strong shoulder bone, so bow hunting is difficult and will likely require lots of chasing and searching. Pistols work well, but you have to get close to make a good shot. Rifles are a good choice. Hog hunters often use subsonic ammo and suppressed weapons to prevent the hogs from being able to determine the direction of the gunshot. This can sometimes prevent them from running away after the first shot. The most common bait used is corn. Corn placed in an automatic feeder will get the hogs used to the bait location and help ensure that you have plenty of targets. Night vision scopes or goggles will allow you to see the hogs in the dark of night, when they’ll have trouble seeing you. You will also need some good scent cover as well.

So as you can see, there is plenty to love about night hog hunting. There is the good deed of removing a menace, the cool gear you get to use, and the delicious meat you get as a result. So give night hog hunting a try, there are plenty of hogs out there and it just might become your favorite type of hunting.

Craig Pearson is an avid hunter, outdoorsman, and adventurist. His main passions are hog hunting in Texas and writing about his many adventures. He currently blogs for, a supplier of high quality night vision equipment.

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