Good Arizona Draw Year for Desert Rat


After a bunch of years of some frustrating hunts and a bunch of vanilla tags, it looks like this year might be different! I learned in the early draw results that I drew a Unit 21 General Antelope tag. With 8 bonus points, this tag was a shocker. Odds to draw this tag ran at about 2%, as near as I could figure. My old friend Terry Herndon has been the point man on this hunt, from draw recommendation to guide to cheerleader. He seems pretty confident – what better way for me to obliterate “the curse”?

After drawing such an awesome and exciting tag, imagine my astonishment when the fall draw results were announced! A late December Unit 33 Coues tag! Looked at the stats and it seems the draw odds on this tag are just under 3%! I know his unit a bit, and have had several friends offer to help on this hunt. I am wayyy excited to do this hunt as well.

Images Courtesy of Arizona Outfitter and Guide Service

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