Video: 7 Carp-on-human Attacks Caught on Video


Need more reasons to hate Asian carp? Aside from they pushing other fish out of native habitats and eating just about everything in sight, they also hurt when you run into one. As people who have been hit by high-flying silver carp can tell you, these fish can pack a punch. That is especially true since silver carp can grow up to 100 pounds (you better duck) and it seems all their muscle is focused entirely on propelling them out of the water—straight at your face.

It may seem funny at first, but a 20-pound carp to the ribs is no laughing matter. In 2003, a woman suffered a broken nose and vertebra when she was struck by a carp, nearly drowning in the process. In another event, a boy on an inner tube had his jaw broken. Some officials have even begun warning people not to engage in water sports where silver carp are known to reside.

On a lighter note, it’s an easy way to fill your boat full of fish. Just make sure you keep your head covered.

Warning: Videos may include some profanity. 

1. Just when you think you look cool

2. They target the press, too

3. You can’t shoot them all, but you can try

4. It’s a trap!

5. The classic slap

6. It can play mind games with you

7. Not the fish you were expecting

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