Green Lasers Help Make Firearms More Effective


Anyone who’s ever played a game of Candy Crush knows our eyes see some colors better than others. Green is one of the colors humans see best, and it is currently considered the latest and greatest in laser sights for firearms.

Green laser sights required a bit of an engineering leap due to their stronger pull for power. Figuring out a practical battery life was the challenge, but perseverance paid off, and green laser sights are definitely the rage in 2015.

Green falls into the center of the color spectrum—remember the ol’ Roy G. Biv acronym to memorize the order of the colors in a light spectrum. Due to cones and rods in our eyes, the “middle colors” are easiest to see in brighter conditions. Obviously all lights are quite visible in dark conditions, and for personal defense, a laser light on a handgun is the way to go. Since either red or green would work at night, many are opting for more confidence in all light conditions.

“Green laser sight products are growing in popularity, so we now offer 20 and that line is expanding almost weekly,” said Mike Faw, media relations manager for Crimson Trace. “Green diodes are a little larger and use more battery power, but the technology keeps evolving and improving.”

In terms of continuous battery life measurements, Crimson Trace’s green lasers can typically last two hours while the red lasers generally last four hours. The reason to sacrifice a longer-lasting battery is for better visibility in daytime conditions.

“The batteries for our Crimson Trace sight are available at almost any retail outlet, like Walmart,” said Faw, who also boasts of Crimson Trace’s glass crystal lenses in most of their sights. “Some of our competitors require specialized batteries for their products.”

Though Crimson Trace might be the biggest name in laser sights for handguns, Viridian pioneered green lasers. Based in suburban Minneapolis, Viridian led this unique “green movement” before it was so trendy.

One of Viridian’s biggest advantages is an instant on and auto-off feature when holstered. They achieve this through magnetic activation.

Many of the green laser sights fit the same profile so holsters work harmoniously. Mounting a laser in the front strap of the gun means the laser doesn’t get in the way of a grip or muscle memory.

Green is definitely more visible during the daytime, but most defensive situations occur at night. Still, anyone trained and prepared for personal defense would rather be ready for all situations than some.

Gear up at least one firearm in your safe (or in your holster) with a green laser in 2015, so you know if it is something you want to add across the board. After all, being ready is what everyone trains for; why not be fully ready for any defensive “go time” with green?

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