In the picture (L to R) Dean Cushman, Larry Billings, Lance Valentine (founder of Walleye 101), Meghan Hanley (Hospice of Michigan). Photo credit to Catchable Fish Productions.

Hospice of Michigan was an easy choice for our fundraiser”, said Lance Valentine, founder of Lance Valentine’s Walleye 101. “The program we are helping gives Hospice care to anyone regardless of their condition or ability to pay. The nice thing about working with Hospice is almost everyone can put a face on a Hospice worker-we have almost all been touched by one of these great people and it is our honor to help them.”

Tournament Director Larry Billings wasn’t surprised with the fishing results, which saw every boat catch an eligible fish. “This is a great fishing lake with lots of fish. With this event awarding points for any fish, regardless of species, it allows families to fish and bluegill fishermen have as much chance to win as does the hard core walleye guy.” The winners of the fishing tournament caught fish of three different species, earning bonus points for their versatility on the water.
After fishing, a banquet dinner and raffle drawing were held. No one went away hungry, and the raffle tables were stuffed with prizes. “What a great group of volunteers, sponsors and businesses who donated their time, food, prizes, and cash”, stated Dean Cushman, the events coordinator. “Without so many great people getting behind us, this event could not have been what it was. It is a special feeling to work with such great people and companies, big and small, all interested in helping Hospice of Michigan”.
The big winner of the event was Hospice of Michigan. At days end Meghan Hanley from Hospice of Michigan was presented a check in the amount of $11,000.00 from the Walleye 101 family, making this the largest Walleye 101 fundraiser to date.
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