How To Get Ready for Fishing Season



All though fishing is a year round sport the vast majority of fishermen and women are of the casual variety and only fish when the weather is nice or 1-2 planned trips a year – even if it just up to the cabin or a state park.  Heck, even the pro’s have an off season in which they back down on the amount of time they spend fishing.

But like every other seasonal activity, everyone should take a look at their fishing gear once the season comes around.  Take a look at your inventory of hooks, bobbers, baits etc…  In addition take out the rod and reel and make a few casts in the yard.  Make sure that you, or your kids in my case, didn’t put the reels away last year with a line mess (rat nest) in it.

You might want to respool the reel anyway because chemicals, heat and sunlight from last fishing season or the storage spot may have weaken the line. Not everything needs to be replaced, but just make sure it’s all in working order and that there is enough supplies to last an outing.  The few moments in the garage are well worth the half hour on the water trying to cut out a knotted line.

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