When out on the open seas you can face many different weather conditions that you need to be prepared for. To keep the weather and environmental hazards from being a serious problem, you must first take precautionary measures as soon as possible.

You must not only protect yourself from the immediate reactions of the weather, but also the post effects must be accounted for. Satisfying the precautionary measures is a must for preventing serious physical and psychological problems. However, you must know how to treat health problems that may result from your situation.

Your survival at sea depends upon–

Your knowledge of and ability to use the available survival equipment.

Your special skills and ability to apply them to cope with the hazards you face.

Your will to live.

When you board a ship or aircraft, find out what survival equipment is on board, where it is stowed, and what it contains. For instance, how many life preservers and lifeboats or rafts are on board? Where are they located? What type of survival equipment do they have? How much food, water, and medicine do they contain? How many people are they designed to support?

If you are responsible for other personnel on board, make sure you know where they are and they know where you are.

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