Fishing intuition is not a superhero “sixth sense” that you are born with, it is a skill that comes from practice and experience. A wise fisherman with a strong intuitive sense is worth more than any expensive piece of equipment.

Intuition rides along for free and becomes a highly polished refined tool as more confidence is gained. Best part about intuition? It doesn’t cost a dime to operate, it’s always aboard and for the most part …it never lies to you! A mental game plan organizing your thoughts into workable solutions sounds simpler than is it. Like any fine piece of equipment you own, your mind needs care. Do not to pollute it with long standing unproven deep-rooted myths that hinder success.

Fishing is a mental game of judgment calls based on the insights the fish are giving you. Not catching fish? Tried all the depths and speed adjustments? The fish are telling you, “we’re not in this area today.” Never fall into the habit of blaming yourself entirely. Always keep in mind that you cannot create fish!

Go with your first instinct and do not over think the situation. The best ally you have is your sixth sense. Use forward intuitive moves and never repeat the same mistake twice. For example, when retracing an unproductive trolling course, move shallower, or deeper. Sooner, or later you’ll find the fish, or as I’ve often thought, the fish will find me… if given enough time.

Sound principals of being at the right port at the right time of the season all come into play. It’s impossible to produce results if the fish are not under your boat. Don’t let defeatism seep in and beat yourself up over lackluster results. I’ll let you in on a big secret: Salmon and Trout in our Great Lakes are not all that hard to catch.

Consistently putting yourself in the right place is key to successful fishing, and trusting your intuition is crucial to finding the perfect spots to take in a killer haul. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. Stay patient, pay attention to patterns, and let your intuition help you reel in some great fish.

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