Compound bows are an amazing way to bring yourself closer to the hunt. Sighting one in may sound tricky, but it is actually a fairly relatively easy process that can help get you into the woods and hunting effectively quickly.

So your pretty new to the archery world and you just purchased a brand new state-of–the-art high-tech bow and you need to sight it in to take down that big buck in your woods. You want to start about 10 yards away from your target. You then set your windage,left or right. Now you should be shooting directly under or over your aiming spot. You then adjust your arrow height(up and down) using the pin.

You then go to however far back feel comfortable, making sure your bow will allow your for a ethical shot from that distance. Since you already have the windage dialed in you just need to move your pins and you’re done. Just remember that you need to set your sight distances according to you bow poundage/strength ex. low poundage(40-50 lbs) would set at a max 20-30 yards and a higher poundage(60-80 lbs) can shoot anywhere from 40 to 60 yards, even though that range out outside of what I would recommend.

Don’t let the idea of sighting in your bow scare you, with these tips it should be a straightforward process. Happy Hunting.

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