They say spending “quality time” together is necessary for a good relationship. “Quality time” is also required by all hunters in order to assure an ethical kill. A swift ethical kill is what every hunter should strive for. I have never met a hunter that doesn’t share that ideal. It is also the most humane way for hunters to fill the freezer.

Disagreements exist regarding mortality time between archers and gun hunters. Can both sides be right in believing that their method of taking animals is the most humane? I believe so. But it all depends on shot placement.

Proper shot placement is critical for a swift kill regardless of the method chosen to hunt. It doesn’t matter what you shoot, it takes time to hit exactly where you want to hit. Spending quality time practicing will help build confidence and this confidence will lead to increased success.

Learning to shoot more accurately takes time. Each year as deer season nears, gun ranges become busy places with hunters shooting their firearms. For many of them, this is their only time to test their marksmanship skills. But in my opinion it is not my idea of spending “quality time.”

Many bowhunters also find themselves flinging arrows at targets only weeks before the season. Many excuses exist that limit needed “quality time” for the shooter. Regardless, in order to become a better shot, practice (and lots of it) is needed.

Many professional hunting guides and outfitters believe that hunters show up lacking in shooting skills. In order to compensate for their inaccurate shooting ability, they choose large caliber firearms or heavy draw weight bows. Somehow this provides a false sense of confidence in hunters. You can’t make up for poor shooting by selecting a big rifle or a faster bow. It only magnifies the problem.

One-shot kills can be made on any big game animal. But the bullet or arrow needs to find the right spot.
Shooting is fun especially when you are not pressed for time. Practice is the time to totally familiarize yourself with your equipment and your capabilities. As hunters we should all invest the necessary “quality time” before heading to the field.

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