If you’ve been looking forward to months of exciting snowmobiling since July, then take care to check on these few things before you go out on the first run of the year. Making sure that your snowmobile is in top shape will allow it to last longer on the trail.

Just like every motorized vehicle, it’s likely not ready to be taken out for hours at a time if it has been sitting idle for months. Even if everything seems alright, a pre-season tune-up before you hit the trails can save you some major headaches down the road.

The best place to start is with your owner’s manual, which should provide detailed instructions and diagrams explaining what will need to be done at the start of each season. When it comes to simple maintenance and tune-ups, your owner’s manual is your best friend.

SNOWMOBILEcourse.comcompiled a basic list of things you should check out before your riding season gets underway. Be sure to check for wear and ensure everything is lubricated or adjusted as necessary.

For pre-season maintenance, be sure to check these seven things:

  1. Filter
  2. Spark Plugs
  3. Headlights and tail lights
  4. Brakes
  5. Skis
  6. Track
  7. Steering and throttle

This article was re-purposed for Outdoor Hub with permission from www.SNOWMOBILEcourse.com.

Photo: snowmobilecourse.com

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