Turkey decoys need some fanning

Turkey decoys are working the way you want when that tom’s tail fan is pointed in their direction. When a tom struts for a specific turkey, he will ‘point’ his fan at the turkey. He is doing his best to impress that particular hen or jake and show the all his glory. What does this mean to you as a turkey hunter? It gives you a read on whether or not the tom is paying attention to you, your turkey decoy, or a real bird in the field.

Turkey decoys and good calling grab attention

Your turkey decoys and turkey calling serve to attract mature toms to your turkey decoy set. If you call and that big tom struts and points his tail at you, you are doing something right and should continue that sequence as long he keeps pointing the fan at you. If he is not pointing his tail at you, try a new call or a new sequence and see if he green lights your actions by pointing the tail towards you or your turkey decoys. Mix it up and find something that works, and then don’t change. You have the key to heart so do not start getting cute on the calls and messing it all up. Mix in our Jake Turkey Decoy for maximum results.

Turkey decoys finish the job

My goal is to try let the turkey decoys do most of the work. I use the calls to get them close enough to see the turkey decoys, and then hope they finish the job. Too much calling can weird the birds out not only that day but for days or weeks after the fact. If the turkeys smell a rat, be it from the caller or the turkey decoys, that is real pressure. It’s the kind of pressure that makes a turkey hesitant to both calls and turkey decoys. Unless you have a ton of areas to hunt, don’t go slammin’ in hard and fast, as it may be the only chance you get at that group of birds.


Watch that tail fan for clues to whether or not you are in the game this spring, and remember, you can only a part of the day. Accept that you can not make a turkey come unless he wants to, and get your turkey decoys in the plan to help get it done.

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