It is no surprise that trail cameras are a wildly popular way to scout and capture candid snapshots of animals in the forest and field. In fact, some outdoor junkies simply swear by them. Trail cameras have become one of the most critical tools in targeting deer movement as well as behavior for hunters across the country.

The beauty of owning several cameras offers you the opportunity to implement these high-tech gadgets in ways that are wild, crazy and well, amusing! Below you will find an assortment of clever ways you can use your cameras in the field.

  • Monitor your kid(s) by concealing a camera in your driveway to see if they make curfew.
  • Stuff a camera in stump or bush along fence lines to photograph trespassers.
  • Strap a camera eye/tree stand level and out of arm’s reach to the nearest tree across from your deer stand to see if you’re not the only one hunting your stand.
  • Place your camera on a feeder to capture snapshots of practically every deer on the block.
  • Use cameras to photograph specific deer that you do “NOT” want killed so that you can clearly show your hunting party.
  • Set a unit up near a fresh coyote kill to get some incredible predator pictures.
  • Place a camera over a coyote den to see who enters and exits.

As you can see, there are countless ways to use trail cameras to your advantage. From scouting deer or scratching your imagination’s itch – be creative and have fun with them!

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