We’ve just weathered the first heat wave of the 2012 summer, with more to come for sure. As a result, I’ve spent plenty of time in the cool of my basement, down in the “Waterfowl Warehouse.” It’s a way I conduct an inventory for the coming duck and goose seasons. You should too. There’s still plenty of time to buy or borrow the following items before the start of resident honker seasons in September …

Decoy Bags

Slotted bags protect your investment. Floating bags allow you to set fakes with more ease. Mesh bags can be carried on your back like the others and hold a lot of decoys when budget is a factor. Most can carry your fakes, motion stakes and flags in one effort. Need some? Order them now.

Duck and Goose Calls

Some argue that a good location and realistic spread of decoys are all you need for a successful hunt. That’s sometimes true—calling waterfowl doesn’t always matter. Then again, it’s clear at times single honkers and small groups (as with ducks) can be pulled in vocally. Practice now in the off-season.


Other than having ducks and geese dropping down on your spread, there’s no better way to identify waterfowl species than by glassing distant birds in flight or at rest. Invest in a pair.

Haul It

Your decoys, motion stakes and flags are all stashed neatly (or not so tightly) in several decoy bags. You and several buddies could do the long walk in with that stuff on your back. We all do that. Better yet, with calls and binoculars hanging around your neck, and helmet on your head, why not haul it all out to your blind. Is it time to buy a Yamaha ATV or Side-by-Side?

For the last three essential items of waterfowl gear, go to Yamaha.com.

Image copyright Steve Hickoff/Yamaha

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