Robinson Outdoors has released an entertaining and informative annual DVD series called “Secrets of the Pros.” The lessons taught are timeless in regards to a strategic scent control plan. This blog series is going to detail the lessons taught in particular segments, provide a link for online viewing, and challenge the reader to continue to strive for a more strict scent control regimen.

Secrets of the Pros Segment 3

This nine-minute segment is full of helpful information and a bit of heart-pumping action as well. Scott Shultz begins by teaching about the power of activated carbon clothing. Learn about “ adsorption,” and how carbon technology works. The chemical “elcerine” is introduced to help understand why men’s hands can become almost toxic in the deer woods. Scott goes on to discuss alarm odors released from ears, hair, and other unsuspecting parts of the human body. See why rubber boots aren’t a surefire way to eliminate the possibility of leaving a scent trail.

Also join Dave Reisner on a warm autumn day in the “Skinny Pinch” as he hunts for a monster whitetail directly downwind! Dave’s hunt solidified his belief in ScentBlocker clothing.

It’s important to remember, no matter how much effort is frontloaded into scent control, hunters will always sweat and a disciplined regimen will not be complete without activated carbon clothing. This is an episode that a dedicated hunter cannot afford to miss!


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