Would you like to learn how to win a bass tournament and win millions of dollars? In the new eBook How to Win a Bass Tournament by John E. Phillips, he interviews eight professional bass fishermen who have won over $20 million in bass fishing tournaments and made over $50 million in residuals related to bass fishing.

In February 2013, the bass fishing world will be tuned-in for the Bassmaster Classic to see who the best bass fisherman for 2013 really is. Deep in the heart of every bass fisherman, especially tournament fisherman, is the dream of one day winning the Bassmaster Classic. In How to Win a Bass Tournament, you’ll learn how Kevin VanDam, George Cochran, Mark Davis, Shaw Grigsby, Rick Clunn, Mark Rose, Denny Brauer and Larry Nixon have won hundreds of bass tournaments. For instance, Kevin VanDam has won over 100 tournaments, four Bassmaster Classics, seven B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year titles, and the FLW Angler of the Year title.

“There are several steps you must take before you even go to a tournament to give yourself the best chances to win,” Kevin VanDam explains. “First, you must know the weather conditions before you leave home and when you arrive at the tournament. Like a weatherman, I track the weather the week before the tournament. The weather patterns prior to the tournament and the weather forecast for the day or the week of the tournament are critical to know ahead of time, because they will tell you how to practice.

“For instance, if I’ll be competing in a Saturday tournament, and the weather forecast is for a huge storm with high winds, I know I’ll have to practice in areas with protected water where I can fish. If in the early spring, the weather has been really cold, but a warm front’s coming through the day before the tournament, and then during the tournament you’ll have 80-degree weather, plenty of sun and clear skies, you need to practice knowing that the bass will move toward the shallow water, which will warm up first, in preparation to spawn. Although the weather may change, having a thorough knowledge of the seasonal weather patterns for the time of year when the tournament will be held and knowing the weather forecast days before the tournament drastically can increase your odds for success. I’ve found that by thinking ahead of the tournament, practicing for what the weather will be during the tournament and being able to adjust when a front moves in or out is a key part of my strategy to giving myself the best chance to win a bass tournament.”

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Image courtesy John Phillips

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