Too many manufacturers in the outdoor industry are committing hara-kiri on their own brand’s Facebook page. Maxima Media, the outdoor industry’s most influential social and digital marketing agency exposes the secret that slaughters brands from big to small.

Most business overlook the ‘social’ part of social media marketing. Instead, they take a leap of faith into the ‘marketing’ abyss. To their detriment, they soon realize that their community of fans actually do have expectations of the various social networks to which they belong. In almost every instance, these expectations DO NOT include having marketing messages jammed down their throat like a Thanksgiving Day turkey.

Take a moment and put yourself into the consumer’s mind. You just “LIKED” a new Facebook page that piqued your interest. Would you enjoy being spammed and bombarded by the page with messages that continuously pitch their product or service every single day? Simple answer–no.

Social media marketing is a very tender process that involves building a loyal community and providing that audience useful, entertaining, and compelling content.

Neilsen’s Social Media Report 2012 found that about 33 percent of social media users are irritated by blatant advertisements on social media sites. Please don’t forget that users are utilizing the site to socialize, interact, and communicate.

Don’t be afraid to humanize your company’s Facebook page and give your brand a distinct personality that intentionally connects with real people. Remember, Facebook is about two-way communication and creating genuine dialogue. There’s a fine line between being tastefully informative about your product/service and branding your business through creative intelligence vs. posting your website’s link and praying that all of your fans will funnel to your online store.

Brandon Wikman is an industry expert in Online and Digital Media Communications for today’s outdoor brands. He’s the CEO of Maxima Media, a new age marketing agency and creators of the Hyper-Communication Network. For more information on Maxima Media call 612.5.MAXIMA or email

Image courtesy Brandon Wikman

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One thought on “How To Avoid Facebook Suicide

  1. I have to agree with this article. I have un-friended severalmanufacturing sites because I do not go on that often and when I do there were hundreds of sales pitches filling my page. They also need to understand that most people feel the same way with their email, I have hd to do the same with that because I was getting two and sometimes three sales pitches a day. Once a week would be more then enough for online sales pitches for most people.

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