Sometimes gobblers you want roost in trees over swamps, along remote rivers and in general over any water they can find. It gives them a sense of security, you figure. Don’t let them rest too easy though—use these three tactics to put a tag on one of those water roosters.

Float hunt

You can throw a canoe or kayak on your truck and navigate swollen rivers to turkeys. You can pull your trailered tin boat to a wet location. Use locator calls to contact gobblers on watery roosts. Tie up your small boat on dry land. Move toward that bird you’ve found. Sometimes you’ll call in and kill fresh turkeys no one else has even gotten close to due to access issues.

Flush out

If the turkeys roost over low water near dry land scatter the birds off the roost right after fly-up time, before you hunt the next morning. You can also do this right before fly-down. Get in there well before daybreak. Note the flight direction after you flush birds. Find scattered turkeys with locator calls or simply listen for gobbles to start. They’ll want to get flocked back together. Move on the vocal males and set up—ideally between lonely yelping hens and the bearded turkey you want to kill.

For the third and final tactic to make sure you get one of those water roosters, please visit

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