Color-filled lettering looks amazing on most guns.

Many people try to replicate that color-fill look using nail polish and some even cruder methods. Reddit user ThisIsWhyICarry decided to color-fill his M&P Shield, and the quality of his work if something you would expect to see from the factory. He used flat enamel paint, the kind commonly used on models, to fill in the lettering. The enamel paint provides increased durability over nail polish and it looks great.

If you are looking to color-fill your own gun then we would recommend using this method.

How to color-fill a pistol the right way

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5 thoughts on “Color-fill Your Pistol the Right Way

  1. I use a Markal lettering pen(no brush to mess with) and to clean off excess after drying, a bore solvent or some type of penetrating oil that we all have @ home. My preferred p. o. is Renewable Lubricants BPL(Bio-Penetrating Lubricant), a “green” product, made in Ohio, or Aero Kroil.

  2. Man up – guns are for shooting, not coloring. While you’re having arts and crafts time, others are training and honing real skills. Keep on coloring, kiddies!

  3. Ooooh, da bossman is in da house, da bossman has spoken, he been honing and training his real skills. We all be in awe. Awwww.

  4. Thanks for the article. A note about to color fill or not to color fill – this is strictly a cosmetic project that has no bearing on shooting ability. It is up to your personal preference as to whether or not they do this, just as it is your personal preference to put bumper stickers, decals, spoilers, or chrome mufflers on your car. It doesn’t generally change your functional capabilities, but some people like the look and some don’t. Note, however, that there are functional use-cases in which this actually will add something useful. For example, Glock magazines indicate capacity and caliber with etching in dark polymer, which is virtually impossible to see at night. I know people who dislike cosmetic color-filling but still color fill their magazines for this very reason.

    Discussions about manliness aside, this was a fun project and I personally think it is both more legible and more aesthetically pleasing. I make my living from creative projects, and this one was both a fun exploration and a learning experience. Never stop trying new things. You never know what you’ll discover.

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