Surefire Tactics for Hunting Turkeys


It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginning turkey hunter or if you’ve been pursuing longbeards for several decades, one fact remains true: knowledge is power. The more you understand wild turkey behavior, the better chance you have of tying your tag to a gobbler.

One great place to start learning the tips and tactics of North America’s top turkey hunters is the Cabela’s Turkey Roost. This is a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about turkey behavior and the proven methods for hunting this amazing gamebird.

While general information serves as a good foundation for planning your daily turkey hunting strategy, wouldn’t it be great to have first-hand knowledge of the current turkey activity in your hunting area? Believe it or not, that information is readily available to you online – for free! Called the Gobble Map, it provides real time reports of turkey behavior across North America on an interactive heat map. Check it out!

After you have a sense of the turkey activity in your area, it’s time to formulate a plan of attack when it comes to calling turkeys. That said, if you’re a beginner, the sheer number of calls and even call types can be intimidating. If you have more questions than answers, a great place to start is the Cabela’s Turkey Calling 101 Infographic. It contains everything you need to know about the different turkey calls on the market and why a successful turkey hunter needs them. Read up on box calls, locator calls, slate calls and more, plus all the different turkey sounds they make.

Of course, as with any type of hunting, having the right gear will help bring success in the field. Depending on the turkey movement patterns in your area and your planned tactics for the day, one or more of the following products could help you harvest a gobbler this spring. Good luck!

Cabelas Gobbler Lounger

Cabela’s Gobbler Lounger 2.0 – $23.99

Sometimes the best tactic is to wait out turkeys in a comfortable chair. The Cabela’s Gobbler Lounger 2.0 sets up quickly and features a rugged weather-resistant seat with waterproof PVC backing to keep you dry. During hot-weather hunts, the chair’s breathable mono-mesh center increases ventilation. Specs: 25.2”H x 21”W x 17”D; seat height, 9.1”; weight capacity, 300 pounds; chair weight, 7 pounds; camo, Cabela’s Zonz Woodlands.

Avian X Decoy Combo Pack

Avian-X Jake/Breeder Hen Turkey-Decoy Combo Pack – $144.99

This Cabela’s-exclusive pack combines the Avian-X LCD Breeder and the subdominant Three-Quarter Strut Jake. The body position of the hen decoy signifies she is receptive for courtship, and gobblers won’t tolerate the presence of the subdominant jake decoy. Features include: no-flake paint on the quiet, collapsible Dura-Rubber body; drawstring carry bag; and one-piece folding stake that helps create movement with the slightest breeze.

Turkey Fan Decoy

Turkey Fan Decoy – $124.99

Called “reaping” a turkey, perhaps no tactic is as exciting as stalking a field-dwelling strutter. With the Turkey Fan Decoy’s unique umbrella-style open and close system, you can mimic the movement of a tom going in and out of the strut to trigger the aggressive response of a dominant gobbler. The decoy’s compact, portable, lightweight design features a viewing window so you can stay concealed until you’re ready to shoot. The Turkey Fan Decoy also has a viewing window for your POV camera or smartphone for filming the action.

Flambeau Mad Max

Flambeau MAD MAX Blind – $26.49

Weighing only 1.55 pounds and quick to set up, the Flambeau MAD MAX Blind utilizes the frame as a shooting stick, creating a blind and firearm rest in one. The low center and high sides ensure only your head and gun are above the Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity blind, and it can be pivoted around the center support leg, enabling you to stay centered on a moving turkey.

Ameristep Turkey Stopper

Ameristep Turkey Stopper Chair/4-D Spur Blind Combo – $32.49

The 4-D Spur Blind is easy to carry (1 pound!) and set up, and it offers maximum concealment due to its die-cut leaf pattern. Stakes and tie-downs keep the blind upright in windy conditions. Dimensions: 27”H x 96”W; packed, 2”H x 33”W. The Turkey Stopper Chair weighs 5 pounds, has a weight-capacity rating of 200 pounds, and folds for easy transport.

Mojo Outdoors Tail Chaser

Mojo Outdoors Tail Chaser Erect – $29.99

Try out the tail-fanning approach on your next turkey hunt with the Mojo Outdoors Tail Chaser Erect. Use it with the artificial turkey fan (included) or a real fan to provide cover in wide-open clearings, or stalk gobblers by making them think a tom is intruding on their territory. The turkey fan clamps to your shotgun barrel, enabling you to hold and aim your firearm. It fits 20 gauge, 12 gauge and 10 gauge barrels.

onxmaps gps

onXmaps – HUNT Premium for GPS ­– $99.99 – $119.99

These easy-to-use 24K topo maps highlight all public and private property boundaries. The HUNT Premium maps add a color-coded layer that lists private and public land owner information and property boundaries. You can keep track of your current position and clearly see all big-game units, land-ownership status, township/range/section, roads, trails and more. Maps are compatible with all color-screen, SD/Micro SD Garmin GPS units. Click here for list of available states.

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