Photo Tip: Use a Moose Shed to Improve Black Bear Trophy Pics


It’s a fact: After a successful hunt, some game animals are easier to photograph than others.

A big whitetail buck? No problem. Simply kneel behind the deer (don’t ever sit on a harvested animal), roll the buck onto his belly with legs tucked underneath, grab an antler with the buck’s head held high, turn the head to show off the rack’s best attributes, and have a friend fire dozens of pics.

A mature tom turkey? Again, easy. Kneel behind the bird, spread the wings slightly, open the tail fan and say “cheese.”

A massive black bear? Not so easy. But several years ago an outfitter in Alberta showed me an easy and clever trick. Rather than propping up a bear’s head on a log or rock, which frankly looks a bit odd, use the shed antler from a moose. (Almost every black bear outfitter in the north country has moose sheds laying around camp.) The contrast – light antler vs. dark coat – highlights the bear’s head, and it simply looks cool.

Remember to shoot images from the side and the front (yes, that’s me smiling below) to ensure you get a top-notch photo. Good luck on your next bear hunt!

2010 Alberta bear front 5-19-16

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