Preseason Pointers for a Winning Archery Season


Preseason set up and practice puts you on the road to a winning finish this upcoming bowhunting season. When it comes to archery gear, start planning now for your own Vince Lombardi Trophy with antler appeal.

Begin with your bow sight. YouTube is brimming with sharpshooters launching arrows to 80 yards and beyond with accuracy. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the average whitetail shot, according to Pope and Young Club surveys, is still less than 20 yards. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be ready for the extremes. Having a bow sight that can handle it all provides you with a platform to execute slam-dunk shots and consider a space-shuttle launch. Slider sights with a single pin offer simplicity, but can sometimes hinder speed without sufficient practice. Another option is to use a standard 5-pin sight to handle shots to 60 yards and beyond.

Five Pin Sight 6-13-16

One easy-to-use-option is the Trophy Ridge React 5-Pin bow sight. You simply set your 20- and 30-yard pins, and your 40-, 50- and 60-yard pins are automatically sighted in, plus tool-less micro adjustment means you skip bringing tools to the field.

Cabela's release 6-13-16

Most bowhunters send arrows downrange with the aid of a mechanical release. The index finger trigger-style release is the most popular, and you can still utilize back tension for increased accuracy with a proper fitting release. Hook your finger over the trigger and squeeze your shoulder blades slowly together. Without moving our index finger, the back tension will initiate the release for truer arrow flight and tighter groups. Shop for an adjustable model like the Cabela’s Twilight Single-Jaw Release and proper shooting form will be much easier to achieve.

Tru-Fire thumb release 6-13-16

For complete back-tension control, step up to a handheld release such as Tru-Fire’s C4 Carbon Handheld Release. This style includes a thumb trigger to maximize back-tension accuracy. The C4 also includes a rubberized coating for a secure, ergonomic feel and six-position trigger tweaking for a tailored fit, plus trigger adjustment. Carbon construction ensures a lightweight frame, and the single-jaw release completely contains your string loop for confidence and convenience.

Outfitter mag bag target 6-13-16

As you perfect your shooting form, include safety into your preseason practice regime. Pinpoint aiming and a perfected release guarantees improved accuracy. That said, aiming repeatedly, arrow after arrow, at a single bull’s-eye increases the chance of accidentally hitting a previously shot arrow. That’s expensive and dangerous! Nicking a carbon arrow can weaken it and possibly cause it to shatter under the pressure of the draw. More than one bowhunter has been taken to the hospital with part of an arrow shaft in their hand. Don’t chance it. Purchase a bow target with multiple bull’s-eyes such as the Cabela’s Outfitter Mag bag target and get thousands of shots without the danger of arrow collisions.

Shooter buck target 6-13-16

You should shift from bull’s-eyes to lifelike 3-D animal targets as hunting season nears. Models like the Shooter Buck 3-D whitetail target look realistic, are life-size and stand up to broadhead abuse along with a weather-resistant finish.

Pre-season is the period when you fine tune, mimic hunting scenarios, and perfect an auto-pilot shooting technique. Prep and practice like a pro to bring that trophy home for a winning archery season.

This article was produced in cooperation with Cabela’s.

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