I don’t intend to start a political debate. My purpose is to offer some advice. November is coming, and while you’re probably thinking of Boone and Crockett bucks, campfires, and cold beers, you might ought to be shopping. Because if Clinton wins in November, you’re going to see a rush on firearms and ammunition like never before.

In a matter of just days, you’ll have better luck finding someone who is still a Johnny Manziel fan than you will finding a box of .223 Remington ammo. Gun owners and those thinking about becoming gun owners will panic. If Clinton wins, don’t be standing in front of a gun store gawking on 9 November – you might get trampled.



So what kinds of things should you buy now? Guns and ammo for sure, but let’s get more specific. In any politically driven hysteria, AR-15s and similar semiautomatic firearms go quickly. Just the same, ammunition common for these rifles will sell like donuts at a chief of police convention. If you have a .223 Remington, a 6.8 SPC, .300 Blackout, or .308 Winchester, buy a case or two of ammo, and pick up some high-capacity magazines while you’re at it.


Personal Protection

Concealed carry handguns will also be in high demand. Handgun counters might not empty as fast as the AR rifle racks, but you can expect your options to be limited in a hurry. Been thinking about that new .380 Glock 42, or maybe Remington’s reintroduced R51? If you wait until mid November, a hundred dollar Hi-Point might be your only option.

Defensive handgun ammo will almost evaporate from availability overnight. Ammunition for the .380 ACP, 9mm Luger, .38 Special, .40 S&W and .45 AUTO will go first. I’m not suggesting you stock up to defend yourself from an apocalyptic disaster, just that you buy some handgun ammo now, so that you will have it around when you decide to go shoot, later.


Rimfire Ammo

As you might imagine, rimfire ammunition will become as scarce as unicorns and leprechauns, too. It’s affordable, easy to store, and consumed at a higher rate than any other ammo. If you think folks won’t stockpile rimfire ammo, consider that during the last crunch, a man at the NRA Annual Meetings told me he had 800,000 rounds put away and was having trouble finding more.


Richard Mann hunting

The Unusual Suspects

But here’s the shortage you’re not expecting: This is all going to occur toward the end of hunting season, and ammunition manufacturers load up for hunting season during spring and summer. That’s when they manufacturer hunting-specific cartridges such as the .250 Savage, .32-20 Winchester, .444 Marlin, and .35 Remington. They know this ammo is typically purchased only in preparation for hunting season.

This ammo is produced on order, and by November it’s almost all gone. This is because dealers only order based on sales from previous years. In the spring of 2017, when it’s time to load these cartridges again, they’ll get pushed to the back because manufactures will be trying meet the demand of the more popular cartridges.


Grey Wednesday

November 9 is the day. It might even happen sooner if a Clinton victory seems guaranteed. Have your guns and ammo shopping done before then. You’ll avoid the panic and can begin focusing on the next retail nightmare that will be only a few days off: Black Friday. I’ve got some advice for that, too: Stay home and shop on the Internet while wearing your pajamas and drinking gin and tonic.

Images by Richard Mann

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22 thoughts on “Shooting with the Mann: Prepping and Preparing for the Worst

      1. art, seems you would end up on the top of the “agenda” list… amusing how rumors of “take the guns” SCOUS, etc, panic propaganda surfaces with no facts to back it up.. hate to tell you lil panic darlings but if somehow Second Canceled out, which cannot be done by SCOUS, the :”taking of ur guns” would be the least of issues… yet kind of fun to watch the panic of the agenda types.. For me, really fed up with the huge increase in ammo and more so hand loader supplies… and got to ask, where is the nra and buds in getting the price down, rather then panic propaganda, echoes of each “crisis they gunna take ur guns” blah blah…cannot hardly afford 2’s anymore, much less reload and black powder supplies.. and noted none of the panicked seem to find any source that is actually working for the gun/ammo owners on getting the absurd prices down.. not one. but then most of “friends of gunnies” are on manufactures side and drive up panic levels for more record profits..

      2. well sir i can only say you probably are voting for hillawitch666 also. yes i realize i am putting myself in trouble with my words. i guess fighting for freedom has always been expensive and if i have to give my life, well, there is no better cause then the second. my and your reloading equipment will do no good when they take the guns. why don’t you ask yourself about the governments continued buying of ammunition by agency that have nothing to do with enforcement. my NRA sir is the only group providing gun education in the schools, why don’t you get your buds to do it. you see i do not believe you are a gun person or what i said would make a lot of sense. a wolf in sheep’s clothing. yes you eat an elephant one bite at a time. hell the elephant won’t even notice for a long time. i am sure you are for tagging each bullet also. hillawitch and bill the cigar dipping idiot are cartel pawns. they have a trail of death behind them. our FN president sold guns to criminals and has killed into the thousands and the death toll is still rising. i have no proof??? why don’t you do a little research if you truly care. maybe you will find out were all that ammo is going. to your government. what better way to keep guns away from citizens then to get rid of the ammo??? so don’t worry your government will help you. they will put you in fema camps and make sure you stay there while starving to death. you feel semi’s are the problem, well when the supreme court rules that it is not a personal right with only one appointment, yes let them come for me, it is a good cause.assuming obum bum does not send the nsa or the atf or the irs to put me under their thumb. if you truly are a gun person which i do not believe, it is you that is ill-informed. with your government buying up billions of rounds of ammo, yes the rest is hard to find. the shtf is coming soon perhaps this year sir and if you do not have enough food or ammo the government will take care of you. they i am sure have order millions of body bags for just such an occasion. national registration, why do you think they want that??? logic sir, logic, put the blame where it belongs. yes i am worried and those that are not live in a fairy land. i explained it briefly , take it or leave it matters not to me. killers in the white house and running. it is time for a change and a business man TRUMP is the answer not some corrupt politician. if he does not win it will be close to the next civil war. why??? because a lot of gun folks which i doubt you are will not give up their guns. just the facts. i am willing to die for the second, what the hell are you willing to die for nothing??? you see and i am sure you know, because you are a true democrap, the vote in the supreme court that you have the right to own a gun was 5 to 4. the vote is 4 to 4 now. give me some logic instead of saying how paranoid everyone is and you can not buy 2’s. it is people like you that allowed it to get this way. either you know or your head is in the sand. my education tells me that this country is bankrupt at this moment it is just economics. no one can live on credit forever. and to protect a killers legacy they have put us up for the greatest depression the world has ever seen. give me some facts not crying and saying people should not be buying ammo and guns. there are a lot of people smarter then you that see the writing on the wall. i am not out there buying ammo and i hope that the people will be able to get what the government leaves for them, you see capitalism works communism and socialism does not. why??? because of human nature, greed.

      3. ahhh chuckie 2 the horror movie. i always take my meds thank you for being so caring. please get an education so you know what is happening. one in economics would help. just live in your fairy land until the worlds greatest depression and then remember what i told you. good luck in the fema camp. when the banks are all closed it won’t matter how much money you have in them. logic sir logic or is that beyond you. don’t lean to far left you might fall over. your government did this to you so go cry on someones shoulder that really cares for cry babies, try the government. they have a lot of killers there to help you up chuck….

      4. well chuckie cheese, there does seem to be a problem with reality and it is you. crying about not being able to get 22’s or 2 as you say. yes they are more expensive chuckie and it is outrageous, i am sorry for your grand child that he is not worth $5 for a box of 50. please i cannot stop crying for you. you democrap hiding your political views to gain something. i am not sure what. you want to loose your guns vote hillawitch666. was that math to complicated for you ??? let me know and i will explain. bill and hillawitch666 were involved with the cartel in a coke operation. and your president killed into the thousand with fast and furious. just got through taking my thyroid meds thanks for reminding me though. more then happy to debate an idiot like you, you make it easy. you seem to be obsessed with meds for some reason, is that where all your money is going. yes they are to high to. did you even get a high school education. it seems as though you forgot to take logic. see you in the great depression your king has made sure we will have. when they decide to stop paying your social security think about what your elected officials have done for you. i take meds and you are crazy chuckie. lets see meds crazy which do i want to be??? hard question, i will have to think about it for a while. i’ll get back to you on that one. lets change your name to up chuck, OK????

      5. ps chucky, the manufacturers are working 24 7. yes they are making a profit it is called capitalism. you work harder and get more go you get it????

      6. Well not child, you might read of have someone read you the economic situations of the commoners, middle class and down.,.. seems since 1980’s they have not done well, not even kept up with inflation, losing benefits, retirements and more.. as said,… take your meds, all of them and get some help.. and perhaps a wee bit of education to better understand the real world…End of discussions with you as you need more help then I can give on line…

      7. what the hell chuckie are you saying. hillawitch666 is for the pee-on. sir i do not have money i do not claim either party. i guess your 22 is a bolt action because the semi auto 22 is very restricted in australia. i graduated as an ME and went into the MBA program so i believe i know more about economics then you and i am on social security so it is hard to undersatnd where you are coming from except you seem to think the democraps are for the poor. i totally agree with your explanation of the gap between rich and poor and people like me on fixed income WTF does that have to do with the killer running this country and hillawitch666 trying to run this country. you my friend should pull your head out from between your legs and smell the shit. lets match our education i just gave you mine. so who is uneducated here, you chuckie. my meds have nothing to do with your false sense of the world and who is going to help you. you will not be able to take you poor grandson out when hillawitch666 takes your guns. she told you she was going to, one appointment to the supreme court will do it. really how dumb can you be??? don’t put me with the rich and i am sorry you can not afford $5 a box of 50 22’s. your crying is fogging up my screen. if you want change get out and vote for someone who even the repub party dislikes. that in it’s self says he is the man. you see i saw what you were just by your first statement. you make more than i so don’t cry to me, if you cannot make it i am sure socialism will provide you with everything you need at least until the shit hits the fan. spend spend spend and make your grand kids pay for i, what a sympathetic piece of crap you are. obviously i understand more then you i have been educated more then you. quit listening to the mass media they lean so far left they support hillawich666. try surfing the net and get another point of view. the government is the most inefficient form of business and wastes so much and that is what you want more waste. no logic again, logic chuckie. the only thing you said is the middle class and poor get poorer and the rich get richer. true, so what do you want communism???? you see greed is what makes communism and socialism not work and capitalism work. i should not have to give you this logic, but at last you will never understand. when the ammo manufacturers are busy making 9mm and 40 s and w, they cannot make 22. your FN president not mine that killer is causing it by buying it, get it. yes you want to get rid of the guns you can’t bullshit me chuckie. either that or your are as dumb as a brick.

      8. As was said in olden time… “Sir you are no worthy of my sword” (verbal) and need help. End of conversations as your raving is embarrassing to us all.

      9. well chuckie, your stupidity is only surpassed by your ignorance. it
        should embarrass you. as you said in your communication to me i
        am not worthy of your sword. WTF!! i try and give you an education and
        all you folks can do is to try and belittle someone. i tried to compare
        our education but obviously you have little to compare and you can not
        refute anything i said so you end the communication. our right not yours, sir, to own a gun was a 5 to 4 vote. the vote is now 4 to 4. you understand small numbers don’t you. one anti gun supreme court nomination will make the vote 5 to 4 you do not have the right to own a gun. then i guess not being able to get ammo won’t matter will it??? it sure is hard talking to a died in the wool democrap. you see i dislike both parties, and i am somewhere in between. everyone wants to take someones right to make their own decisions. you sir are a sheep. just keep following the goat he knows where he is going. you might have age but you think like a toddler. grow up and makes some decisions for yourself. of course wouldn’t it be great to put the clinton puppets for the cartel in office and get rid of our guns??? bill the cigar dipping coke freak, and he and hillawitch666 brought so much more coke into this country that they are both set for life. although bill nose and her lungs will never be the same. you see i do not care what drugs they do. drugs all of them should be legal. it is far superior then enriching the worst people in the world. tax it and reduce mine. we have not solved anything just created crime and made it easier for children to get them. so if i embarrass you i could not care. you deserve it with your logic.

  1. Bit weary of paying jacked up prices for shooting supplies due to the paranoid sales pitch to the gun lemmings who rush off aka Celebrate in traditional manner” every time mass shooting murders folks or nra-minions push the “buy now” panic button. Might note that none of the “no guns-smmo, leaves us defenseless blah blah predicted by the sooth sayers in business to increase gun-related sales, paid for it. has yet to happen. But the end result is well proven, guns ammo related prices at record levels and gee….. gun/ammo related Corp profits at record levels,… So do not be a fool and jump on the “gunna take mur gun en ammo blah blah”. TIme to end this propaganda that has yet to be proven true over last 10 years, these folks making fools of the gun lemmings or some new Ver. of the good doc;s dogs.. ring the “gunna be no guns” en watch drool as rush to clean out shelves.. and who profits, dare we ask? So just think, has O taken guns ammo, or others after mass murders.. shooters being played as fools… again and again and again, those are the facts. Have yet to see those selling this snake oil, “the shooters friends-protectors etc” say or do much about the very expensive and raising costs to us all, and record profits by the hired folks of the rumor mongers… Yep go look stupid, rush down and “clean the shelves”, again again again…

    1. read above yes the time is now. obum bum sold guns to known criminals and those guns he sold have killed into the thousands and are still killing. evil evil king..

    1. yes he would of if he could of. if hilolawitch666 is elected the second amendment is gone. you see it will only take 1 appointment to the supreme court. simple huh??

  2. Chuck,
    While much that you say is correct but had you paided close attention in your economics class you would remember the law of supply and demand. It isn’t just guns and ammunition, it is also real estate and cars/trucks and just about any commodities you can name. These people you talk down to a scared. They remember the Clinton eight year reign and the so called assault gun ban. Personally I resented the inability to get .22 ammunition. I wanted to take my grandson out and teach him to shoot a beautiful little boy’s rifle made in Germany in 1902 and imported by Stoger. I intended to give the rifle to his father and have him give it to his son. I would have gladly paid a scalper’ price. But I could not find one. At my age it doesn’t matter. What did was time with my grandson. You’ve made your point so let it rest and think about how you speak about others.

  3. Chuck,
    While much that you say is correct but had you paided close attention in your economics class you would remember the law of supply and demand. It isn’t just guns and ammunition, it is also real estate and cars/trucks and just about any commodities you can name. These people you talk down to a scared. They remember the Clinton eight year reign and the so called assault gun ban. Personally I resented the inability to get .22 ammunition. I wanted to take my grandson out and teach him to shoot a beautiful little boy’s rifle made in Germany in 1902 and imported by Stoger. I intended to give the rifle to his father and have him give it to his son. I would have gladly paid a scalper’ price. But I could not find one. At my age it doesn’t matter. What did was time with my grandson. You’ve made your point so let it rest and think about how you speak about others.

  4. For my personal concerns I’m fine But you are talking about guns and ammunition. Don’t forget powders and primers. Remember when primers weren’t available and were running $.10 a piece, Some powder is unavailable. I’ve aged and my days of shooting are getting short, I’ve stocked up on ammo, and reloading supplies including spare parts from Dillon. .

  5. It’s scary how people that own guns are so gullible to believe anybody is gonna take away guns.
    But the gun manufacturers love it, scare tactics work every time.

    1. hi Steve, what is scary is how some people, i assume you are a gun person but with your reply it does not sound like it, have no idea what is truly going on. yes we are scared and for good reason. if hillawitch666 is elected we will have lost your second amendment. it might not mean much to you but to a lot of us it is a very important part of the constitution. if you are just a hunter, and feel this supposed gun control is a good idea, well it is not. she only wants a Australian form of gun control. that eliminates semi automatics. and pump shot guns. they are to dangerous. to carry a gun you have to have a reason like going to shoot and that is the only time you can have the ammo and gun at the same place. now that might not mean much to you, but you eat an elephant one bite at a time. a national registry is against the law for a good reason, it is the first step toward confiscation. you see that is exactly what they did down under also. then they forcibly went and pick up the guns. now even if you are only a hunter it will become quite burdensome. you see sir that is just the tip of the iceberg. so at first you are left with revolvers, double barrel shot guns and bolt action rifles. quite a drastic change from today. then there comes the right to self protection. the police do not have that responsibility there is only one person with that responsibility and guess who that is???? do you think the police even if they wanted to will be there before you are dead, hurt, or just victimized???? you see the police are just glorified janitors, they come and clean up the mess and try and figure whom did it. so even if you live in a good neighborhood you might have a problem, why, well those that live in poor hoods go to where the money is. there is a reason why people are carrying concealed. it is called insurance and the criminals know it. that is why gun and violent crime has drop since the early 90″s with the relaxing of concealed carry. that is except in those states with the strictest control where it went up. so we have 3 times the weapons in circulation many more people carrying and crime dropping. i wonder why?? off course in Illinois with some of the strictest gun control it is rising. i wonder why?? the right to self protection is not given and can not be taken away. this goes back further then just it being stated in the Magna Carta. the right to defend yourself with the best weapons available not a pea shooter given permission by a government. that means up to date military rifles or swords back then, not framing equipment.

      taking the guns is the first step for enslavement. now you can call us paranoid and that you are afraid of everyone having guns, but you see that is paranoid not the other way. so, the folks trying to take our guns are paranoid. the percentage of crazies and criminals are very small and taking the guns from the population just allows those folks more opportunity to do their terrible things. you see we hope we never have to use our guns, just as you i assume never want to use your fire insurance. yes it is insurance. the criminals are chicken shits. they know they are taking their lives in their hands with the way things are going. how can i say that? well with a lot more guns and ammo on the streets since the early 90’s the crime rate has drop, check the FBI statistics. so why when our country is headed in the right direction would we want to change the direction back to the way someone thinks it should be??? to enslave. now how could hillawitch666 get rid of the second amendment, with one appointment to the supreme court that is why congress has not let obum bum do it. if this happens i predict the next civil war in this country. we have hillawitch666 the cartel princess with her and bill so far involved with coke and the cartels and a lot of unexplained deaths following them, and a president that has killed into the thousands by selling guns to known crimminals. you know or should fast and furious. we have a government that now thinks torturing prisoners is alright, the end justifies the means. killing americans over seas without due process. taking money from it citizens and make them prove it is theirs, guilty until proven innocent. we have become what we hate. the right to self protection extends to taking back control from a government run a muck. you call us gullible and you trust your government?? i say you are living in a fairy land that does not exist.

      through the financial irresponsibility of the federal reserve and the governments and central banks around the world around the world we are headed for the greatest depression this world has ever seen. thousand in the US will die and self protection will be even more important. no one not Even the US can live on credit for ever. since it is broke it will not be able to bail out the banks. you will not be able to get your money if you have it there. people will be herded into fema camps and the government will not be able to feed them all. those camps will be guarded but not to keep people out to keep them in starving to death. part of this is obum bum trying to ensure his legacy. since the start of his term he has been spend, spend spend they have doubled the currency which is only suppose to increase with increase in productivity. the national debt has gone from 8 trillion to 19 and 1/2 in eight years. this is just like the roaring twenties except much worse. just as back then most think everything is great, i assure you it is not. there will be people roving the streets looking for anything they can use and the police will be protecting their own not you.

      i hope i am wrong, i want to be wrong, i would gladly be wrong. my education tells me i am not. so, i am no party man and think they all want to take freedoms in some form or another. you can blame the democraps for putting and trying to put in office criminals that should at best be in jail. i would vote for bozo the clown over hillawitch666.

      so we are headed for the greatest depression the world has ever seen and unlike the roaring 20’s people do not do a lot of things for themselves, it will be ugly. and if they try and take the guns there will also be a civil war.

      now you can call me crazy i can take it. if i am wrong i will be glad. if i am not where will you be. they can not have our guns. it is an inalienable right, not given and can not be taken away.

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