Graphic Video: How To Remove Fish Hooks From Your Skin


Getting a fish hook caught in your skin can be traumatizing. It hurts a lot, and your natural instinct is to pull out an embedded hook as soon as possible.

This YouTuber demonstrates some methods on how to remove fish hooks from your skin, but we’re warning you, it’s pretty tough to watch.

He discusses one method extensively, the so-called “go-to method” for removing fish hooks. However, it doesn’t seem to go very well. We have to give this guy some credit at this point. Wouldn’t you rather have him tug at his skin like that than find out for yourself that this method doesn’t work very well?

It’s good to know more than one method of removing a fish hook, but this guy has a seriously high level of pain tolerance to repeat these over and over. If you do get yourself hooked, make sure you remove it safely, quickly and sanitize it as soon as you can once the hook is removed. Of course, having a doctor remove a fish hook is always a great idea whenever possible.

If you aren’t squeamish, watch the next video below to see more ways to remove fish hooks:

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