Video: Brooke Thomas Shows How to Tie a Bimini Twist


While ducking a little bit of wind out on the water, Florida native, Brooke Thomas, shows us all how to tie a Bimini twist.

Knowing how to tie more than just a handful of fishing knots is a quick way to advance your angler IQ. Being from Florida, it’s no surprise Brooke knows more than your average angler about tying knots. She’s been fishing since she was young, when her grandfather used to take her along with him and that’s where it all started.

Today, if you follow her YouTube channel, you’ll find hundreds of great fishing videos. In the clip below, she walks us through the Bimini twist, and makes it look really easy.

Here’s the video so you can follow along with Brooke:

We told you Brooke knows her stuff!

Adding this tough little knot to your repertoire will really round out your skills as an angler, not to mention, you’ll lose fewer fish! Tough to beat that.

Keep on fishing, Brooke! Hopefully we see you on the water again soon.

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