Video: How to Make a Simple Survival Spear


Survival stated in the simplest terms is “just not dying.” In order to survive in the wilderness, you must understand your survival priorities. Water, fire, shelter, food and rescue are the five properties of wilderness survival. Let’s talk about food.

Collecting food in the wilderness is one of my favorite survival skills. Stalking prey is NOT an ideal method of obtaining food in a short-term survival situation because you exert too much energy pursuing animals. Trapping, however, is ideal because traps work when you’re sleeping or building a shelter. Also, stationary hunting – waiting in ambush – is ideal because you conserve energy by letting animals come to you.

Perhaps you’re thinking: I don’t have a gun or bow, so waiting in ambush won’t do me any good.

WRONG! You can make one of the most primitive weapons there is – a spear.

The spear has been a hunting tool for more than 4,000 years, and it’s still used today. Make no mistake: a sharp spear is a deadly survival tool for stationary hunting. A great place to ambush animals with a spear is near game trails. Of course, you can identify these trails by looking for scat, tracks and fur. In active game trails, the grass and leaves on the ground will be trampled.

Check out my video below to learn how to make your own survival spear with the aid of duct tape and a hunting knife.

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