If you pull a boat trailer long enough, you’ll eventually have a tire issue. The odds are not in our favor.

The fact that it doesn’t happen regularly causes many outdoorsmen to neglect a few simple tools that will keep them out of a pinch. And a pinch is exactly what two anglers were in on the same day recently at a boat launch. One had a flat tire on his truck, the other had a flat on a trailer tire, and neither guy had the tools needed to get home. Lucky for them, I was prepared.

Sometimes big problems do have simple solutions, provided you’ve packed the following items:

Four-way lug wrench – sizes to fit both your truck and trailer tires

Breaker bar – with sockets to fit both truck and trailer tires

High-quality bottle jack – make sure it will fit under your boat’s trailer frame

Blocks of wood – to help extend the height reach of your jack

Editor’s note: Capt. Ross Robertson of Bigwater Guide Service and his crew provide educational guide trips for monster walleyes and smallmouth bass. The Bigwater team fishes ice-out to ice-up on the Great Lakes, spending the majority of the year on Lake Erie’s western and central basins.

Images and video by Capt. Ross Robertson

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