Video: BASS Pro Ott DeFoe Shows How to Increase Hook-ups with Hollow-Bodied Frogs


I love fishing topwater frogs during summer, and two of my favorite tools are the Terminator Walking Frog and Terminator Popping Frog. And even though I’ve had good luck with hooking largemouths on these lures, there’s always room for improvement (my misses are due to pilot error). I recently did some online searching for solutions, and it was Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Ott DeFoe to the rescue.

Terminator Walking Frog
Terminator Popping Frog

In the video below, you’ll see how Ott times his hookset when fishing topwater frogs. And this is what I like best . . . he keeps it simple for stupid anglers like me.

Be sure to stay tuned long enough for when Ott delivers my favorite bit of advice: “He [the bass] doesn’t have hands . . . he’s only got a mouth!”

In other words, if you feel pressure, then the bass has it in his/her mouth, so there’s no reason to wait on the hookset. Makes sense.

P.S. A hotly anticipated new Terminator frog was unveiled at ICAST 2017 — the new smaller sized Terminator Walking Frog Jr. When bass are feeding on smaller forage, they often target smaller frogs. The Terminator Walking Frog Jr.’s smaller 2.5-inch profile offers an ideal size and less aggressive action for a more subtle presentation that basically matches the hatch. I can’t wait to give it a try!

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