Video Special, Tuesday’s Take Your Best Shot: Rifle Mule Deer


Scenario: Mule deer buck with bachelor bucks as rifle hunter spots and stalks

Rifle: Bergara B-14, 6.5 Creedmoor

Range: 175 yards

Conditions: Sunny; 38 degrees; 20-mph wind, left to right

These bucks are ravenous after an early winter storm has pounded the Wyoming landscape. You’ve spent the better part of the morning maneuvering into position, and after a short crawl you finally found an open lane for a prone-based shot. Are you ready to snap-shoot, because this buck is about to disappear beyond a canyon corner? Which shot option below do you think is best: A, B or C? Or would you wait for a better shot?


A. Forget the pleasantries and put your point-of-aim right here. You’ll break the shoulder with your Hornady ELD-X bullet, drop the buck on the spot and lose little meat. Take a deep breath and . . . ?

B. So you want to play it safe? This aiming point is a safe bet. By nudging the reticle a bit backward, you avoid bone and blow through both lungs. Remember how fast your party balloon deflated on your 5th birthday when you accidentally let it go before tying it?

C. This shot will get the job done. You’re dropping the buck with the bone-busting energy of 1,800 foot-pounds of bullet. Unfortunately, you’ll need a follow-up shot somewhere to put this buck down for good. Is that a good idea?

Are you still indecisive? If so, wait for a better shot. That said, if you chose anything but option B, you and I are in disagreement. Watch the video below to see this buck head straight to the truck bed.

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