Throwback Thursday Video: Tip Toe when Targeting Mid-Winter Crappies


Actually, the name “Throwback Thursday” in this article title is a bit of stretch because it’s not even 1 year old. That said, it’s still a great tip, and we wanted to share it with you. The advice could make the difference between catching only a few crappies this weekend, or really hammering them.

Here, Minnesota guide Brian “Bro” Brosdahl explains why sound on top the ice can kill your fishing success. Very simply, when there is a warm up and then a freeze, the resulting crunchy snow under foot can give away your position to the fish. Suspended crappies will either drop to the bottom, or move away laterally, meaning you’re left with nothing on your fishfinder.

Remember: Without a cushion of soft snow, crappies can hear every move you make, so think “tip toe” when walking from hole to hole.

Watch below as Bro demonstrates how on-ice movements by anglers can alert fish.

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