Video: Proven Tips for Shooting Photographs in Cold Temps


Some of the finest photography ever showcased on OutdoorHub was shot by Minnesota photographer Matt Addington.

Click here to see some of his work from a combo fishing/hunting trip to Quebec with OHUB Managing Editor Dave Maas. Matt also joined Dave at a long-range rifle training class to Gunsite Academy in Arizona.

Not only is Matt a great photographer, but he also has that “Minnesota nice” personality trait, so he’s very willing to help people whenever possible. And that includes improving their photography skills.

In the coming days/weeks/months, we’ll be checking in with Matt as he provides tips for those wanting to improve their photography, no matter whether you shoot with an expensive DSLR camera and a variety of lenses, or a smartphone.

Check out the video below where Matt provides some great tips for shooting images in frigid conditions with a DSLR. Good stuff.

P.S. One viewer on YouTube asked Matt the following question: “So what do you do when you have to shoot indoors and out? Wait for the camera to warm up and then shoot indoors? In this case, an ice house or blind like you were in for the video.”

Matt’s reply: “Great question. It’s a tricky one. Definitely easy to do if you go from warm to cold. The other way, you literally have to wait. What I do sometimes is shoot with another lens that is already inside and already acclimated to the indoor temp. The camera body itself can make the change (minus the foggy viewfinder), but the glass is what struggles.”

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