Dress for Success: Use These Layering Tips to Dress Warmer & Sit Longer During Late-Season Hunts


Hunting in cold weather can be very rewarding. During this time, deer are bulking up to prepare for the winter months, allowing you to get more substantial kills. However, managing the cold can be tricky, to say the least. Use these layering tips to dress warmer and sit longer during your late-season hunts.

Unlike the animals you are going after, humans aren’t equipped with defenses against the cold. Keeping warm while remaining hidden, scent free, and agile requires careful planning and consideration.

Not to worry, though. We went through the whole process, and listed some tips you can use when the temperatures plummet so you can stay in your blind until you successfully bag a deer:


To put things simply, the most effective way to keep warm is by decisively layering your clothing.

You want to have as warm of a first layer as possible. Thermals or compressions are a good way to block out the cold with your first layer of clothing. Keeping the base layer as bulk-free as possible will help you maintain mobility as you continue to pile on the other layers.

From here, adding several thin layers on top of your first layer will help insulate your body heat without restricting your movement too much. You can do this by adding more thermals on top of your first layer. For your outer layers, a good jacket or two, warm hat, boots, scarf, and gloves should do the trick.

If you have a longer walk to your deer stand, then you might want to wait to put your outer layers on until after you have made it to your stand. This will make the trip a little faster, and it will help reduce sweating. This is important for avoiding alerting game of your presence.

Heat Packs and Electric Garments

If you’re in a colder region, particularly the northern Midwest, warm clothing and layers might not be enough to keep you completely warm. Heat packs and electric sportswear is a great way to make up for what your clothing lacks. Heat packs are relatively affordable and come in a variety of sizes. Placing these around your torso and back will help you stay warmer in harsher environments.

Some companies also make electric sportswear products that will keep you warm without having to fasten heat packs all over yourself. They also reduce the number of layers you will need to wear, helping you cut down on your bulk. Some even come with adjustable options, so you can increase or decrease the temperature depending on what the weather is like, making them a pretty versatile option.

Other Ways To Keep Warm

After you’ve exhausted all of your clothing options for staying warm, you can take actions to help keep the cold out.

Placing cardboard in the bottom of your shoes will help increase the barrier between your feet and the cold ground. This is especially important for people who always struggle with cold feet regardless of how many layers you’re wearing. Not only does this block out some of the cold, but it also does so without increasing the chances of your feet sweating. You can also bring a thermos of hot water with you to drink during your trip. This is an easy way to raise your core temperature without giving yourself away to animals.

Eating a good meal before going out will also help you stay warm. An increase in blood sugar will make it harder for your body to retain heat, so staying away from sweet foods the day or two before you head out will help significantly. Loading up on carbs and healthier options like vegetables and nuts will help your body produce and retain its heat better while you’re out on the hunt.

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