The Guide to Traveling Prepared


It is estimated that there are 2 million preppers in the nation. Now, that means those are the people who were willing to answer the question, “Are you a prepper?” The stat is old and things have changed a lot since then. No matter how you define yourself, you are reading this because you are a planner and someone who keeps preparedness high on their list. So, here is the complete guide to traveling prepared.

Now, building a base of preparedness through EDC and home storage of supplies, documentation and food is about as great a base as any person can lay. You could tackle disaster after disaster if your home is outfitted properly and you have resources to fall back on. That is the whole point of prepping and keeping up with it.

However, every so often you have to leave your home. Perhaps for work or even vacation. Maybe that entails flying somewhere. It’s an alarming notion to many prepared individuals when you realize you will be pulled from your preps, and your EDC limited through a flight and possibly even more.

How on Earth does one travel prepared?

It is, in fact possible and we are going to discuss a few solid methods here in this article. You will learn about several things, including checking a gun and planning ahead. These are important parts of the whole process. You can arrive to your destination prepared and maybe even enjoy yourself while you are there!


Maybe the most important part of traveling prepared is the planning you do before you arrive. There are a number of things you have to do if you are going to arrive to a location prepared. One of the first steps I take is to check reciprocity laws where I am going. If you can carry a firearm you have less of a chance of being victimized in a disaster.


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Next it’s time to create your traveling preparedness load-out. It means that you are going to have to check a bag. If you check a bag, then nearly anything is possible. Sure, it costs a little extra but you should be willing to pay for proper preparedness.

In that checked bag you can carry the following items to give you a leg up while you’re away:


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Most of these items will get you flagged by TSA, but if you pack them in your checked bag, they should all be waiting for you upon your arrival.

Perhaps you’re checking a firearm as well. While people will tell you all sorts of crazy things about what you need to do to check a firearm, the fact is most airlines just require you to declare a firearm when you check a bag. It’s very simple.


TSA is TSA there are not many ways you can get around it. Don’t get hung up dealing with them because you thought you could sneak a tactical pen on board. It’s not worth the hassle.

Also, be sure that you are carrying cash. Anytime you travel you should assume the ATMs will go down and you will not be able to use your card. Cash is the answer to this issue.

Better than anything you can pack will be your ability to stay aware and alert throughout the flight. Board late and pay attention to the people on your flight. Read a book and don’t get too wrapped up in movies with headphones. Situational awareness on a flight will make all the difference.


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Once the plane touches down you can go retrieve your bags. Remember, the bag has your gun in it and all of your other preps. You should feel really good about that bag once you have it back in your possession.

If you are renting a car, you are in a better position than others. This means in a disaster you have a vehicle at your disposal. It might cost you in the long run, but you will have a way to get away from the disaster in a hurry.

If you are using Uber or a taxi to get home, you should get the drivers personal information. If a taxi service is overwhelmed or if you have problems with communications, having a direct line to a driver might be a big help. They likely won’t take you home in a disaster, but could get you to a better location.

Whether you’re away on business or vacation, remain vigilant always. Just because you are out of town doesn’t mean you need to take on an out of town mindset. Even without a single piece of gear your situational awareness can keep you safe from all sorts of threats. Never discount the art of paying attention!


Traveling as a prepper is not something that should be avoided. Too many people look out at this crowded and dangerous world only to isolate themselves from it. It doesn’t make for a good life. Hiding from the world is never going to be as good as enjoying it.

We cannot use our preparedness as an excuse to avoid the uncomfortable and challenging situations. Traveling and facing the world outside of our bubble also teaches great lessons. Travel helps you learn so much about yourself and the people of this world. That is invaluable information in the world of prepping. It also assures you that you can exist away from your preps if need be.

With a little planning, smart packing and quick action on the ground you should be able to travel and enjoy it, too!

To have a healthy relationship with preparedness is to walk the high wire of living a dynamic life while maintaining preparedness to the best of your ability.

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