Tips & Tricks for Utilizing Bear Meat


In preparation for bear hunting season, don’t forget to do some research on how you can best utilize bear meat once you are successful in the field.

If you’re going on your first bear hunt this year, perhaps you’re wondering if you will like the taste of the meat and how to best prepare it. Some find the taste of bear off-putting, while others swear by using it in a variety of ways.

To get started, here is Clay Newcomb of Bear Hunting Magazine, talking about some tips and tricks and his favorite ways to cook bear meat:

I found the part about how bear hunters utilize a black bear more than any other big game species particularly interesting. Like Clay said in the video, when we harvest a black bear we use its meat, we can render the fat down to make a reusable commodity, and its hide is typically tanned.

What methods do you use for bear meat? Do you have a favorite recipe that bear meat works really well with? Tell us your ways!

And if you are heading into the bear woods this season, good luck out there!

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