How to Beat Target Panic with Levi Morgan – Part 2 – ‘Get on Target’


This is the second part of Levi Morgan’s four week series on ‘How to Beat Target Panic.’ In part one, he discussed ways to fight through your nerves and “accepting the movement,” as Levi called it. Part two correlates well with what we learned in the last video, as this week’s lesson is focused on getting your aim where you want the shot to hit, and being comfortable there. It was eye opening for me, personally, because I know I’ve picked up more than one of these bad habits before and I now know specifically what I need to work on in my practice this summer.

Did anything Levi talked about there resonate with you?

I know in high stress situations I’m guilty of hovering my pin over the middle and trying to ease downward, timing my shot. Not good. Now that I’m aware of it, though, I’ll work on kicking that bad habit this summer.

And what about Levi’s advice on releases? I know everyone has their own preferences on which style of release they prefer, but what about the movement he talked about? Do you like a release with a firm back wall, or do you prefer a little movement so you can squeeze the trigger?

Let us know what you’re working on this summer, and make sure to check back next week for more tips like this from Bow Life Boot Camp!

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